Thursday, August 4, 2011

Star Mega Mall 大星廣場

卑微起家的劉義華,為人謙虛,令人欣佩.早年在夜市小販做生意.後來自己開店,主要做成衣和布疋 .
詩巫最早和最主要的市中心街道--中街,現在已儼然是”大星”街,因為,劉義華的「大星公司」 ,是這條街主要的商店,幾乎佔去了一半的店面.
現在, 「大星廣場」在萬千祈盼下,終於開張,也算是老詩巫所樂見的事.
Lau Ngee Hua, a local entrepreneur, started his small business as a hawker vendor at the night market in Sibu, many years back. he gradually began his own business selling clothes and other items. Sibu Central Street, which is the main street here, has actually turned into STAR, or "Daesin" shopping center, with many of the shops along the road came under the same company.


  1. nice to see....One day I will come and visit...thanks.

  2. Steve,you are so bias in your report.Besides mentioning Lau Ngee Hua as an entrepreneur, you should also mention him as the biggest operator of illegal 4D lottery syndicate in Sibu.

  3. WOW, this is new to me! Are you sure Lau is the men behind it?

  4. whether or not he is illegal 4D syndicate, should not be our priority concern. we are only interested to find another big megal mall coming up in a small town like Sibu. and some one who make an effort to promote business here should be encouraged and supported. at least he put back what he earn. not like many, putting their money in off shore bank. what do you think?

  5. this is how sibu people suddenly became well known. one has to be brave in doing business