Tuesday, August 2, 2011

durian sellers from Belubu, Indonesia 來自印尼柏魯布的榴槤小販

 they came from Belubu, Indonesia. walking for more than 5 hours, through the jungle and hills. they came here, just to sell durians. and so, even though they sell for Rm10 one durian, it is still worth it.


  1. I will buy too...not that I can eat durians...but for the price and to thank the durian seller. She has to walk so far!!

    Also in SArikei...one durian I looked at was tagged 50 ringgit!!! More expensive than all the white hair on my head.

  2. my God, your white hair definitely worth much more than that. it is the culmination of wisdom. no durian can match that.....