Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tanjung Manis: crowded but poor road 丹章馬尼超熱鬧,可惜新路太老爺

 road to Tanjung Manis and Belawai is newly built, but in poor condition. why? you guess.....luckily, people just floated to Tanjung Manis, because there is no where residents of Sibu can go.


  1. This is what barisan always say we have a lot of improvement under their power, pls never think we are no stupids anymore,that's why the tricycle capsided the state election,they will face the SAME destiny the coming parliament election,cos they acted too over all these years... !

  2. 偷工减料的工程,偷鸡摸狗的计划。