Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sim Kai Hui in Tanjung Manis 沈凱輝遊丹章馬尼

 敦化中學過渡班同學沈凱輝,在父親的帶領下,終於第一次乘坐汽車抵達拉讓江河口的丹章馬尼港參觀及遊玩.他在碼頭上拍下這張相片,並表示將要求老師,在下次學校假期時,帶同學一起來這里參觀. transition class student of Tung Hua Secondary School, Sibu, Sim Kai Hui, brought by his father to Tunjang Manis for the first time, and took this photo in front of the wharf. he likes the place, and is thinking of asking his teacher to bring the class to see this place again, if possible, the next school holiday.
碼頭前,小舟載著乘客抵達. a small boat with passengers arrived at the wharf.

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