Saturday, June 4, 2011

布拉威海灘的義工 Sibu Angel Force cleaning the Tapak Kaul of Belawai

a voluntary group, the Sibu Angel Force, gathering young and old to Tapak Kaul, the beach of Belawai, by the bank of South China Sea, to do some cleaning work. since the road leading from Sibu to Tanjung Manis was opened recently for traffic, a steady volume of traffic has since been travelling along this coastal highway to Tanjung Manis, Kuala Rajang, and eventually to Belawai, the farthest you can go by road to this part of Sarawak.
the beach of Belawai is a bit dirty, due to littering by visitors. so, suggestion for their group to do some thing about it was raised and accepted, with the action taken today.

這里將要開個車道,讓車輛可以由大路直達海邊的樹林間.this is the propose location to clear up for a road leading to the sea side.
「落入凡間的天使」成員與布拉威官員阿邦莫哈末在海灘上合影. members of the Sibu Angel Force, together with the SAO of Belawai, Encik Abang Mohamed, having a group photo after their cleaning work at the Tapak Kaul, Belawai.

a story of Belawai by the United Daily News, was posted on the wall of a restaurant, with Simon Sim, Ling Choon Hock and Sim Kai Hui enjoying their meal. 聯合日報有關布拉威的特稿,被張貼在布拉威一間餐廳的牆壁上.沈細熙,林春福,沈凱輝三人正在這間餐廳享受一頓豐富的午餐.

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