Wednesday, June 1, 2011

happily--in Belawai 快快樂樂的遊一回布拉威

 劉長舉在布拉威海灘上. Lau Tiong Kii at Belawai beach.
 黃孟禮與老婆在布拉威拍anniversary照.Wong Meng Lei and his wife, seems to be taking anniversary photo.
 阿昌與雁伶--親蜜的一對.Teng Ing Chiong and Yeng Ling.
民都魯和詩巫遊客,在布拉威海灘留影.visitors from Bintulu and Sibu, taking a group photo at the beach of Belawai.


  1. Wished I went together. Nice beach.Salty clear sea water. A refreshing swim. I caught a jelly fish in a mineral bottle. Hope it will live...