Thursday, June 30, 2011

內政部蓋章的聖經 the Bible with the famous chop of the Interior Ministry

聖經封面印有基督教刊物字樣. Christian Literature as printed on the cover of the Bible.
馬來西亞內政部印在聖經里的”著名”文字. the "famous" chop of the Interior Ministry of Malaysia, on the Bible.

i-city for 24 hours 7 days 全天候的”火樹城”

at Shah Alam of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is this "multi-media super corridor", where a special display of artificial trees and lighting, attracts visitors in the thousand, everyday.....

 人嬌還是火樹嬌? which is more attractive? this young girl or the surrounding "trees"?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

永勤、思卿婚禮 marriage of Ing Chin & Sze King

 photographer friends celebrate with the groom and bride. 攝影師朋友與兩人同歡慶.
a group photo of the family members and relatives.一家大小和親友來張歡樂合影.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

海內外張氏文物館 Zhang Clan Gallery

 張,是弓長之意.弓箭的長官.張姓始祖是做弓箭長官的.所以他們很會射箭. Zhang means the officer in charge of the bows.
 張姓始祖揮公. Zhang Hui is the first ancestor of Zhang family.
這些都是張姓人物. ancestors of the Zhang Clan.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

布拉威海灘的義工 Sibu Angel Force cleaning the Tapak Kaul of Belawai

a voluntary group, the Sibu Angel Force, gathering young and old to Tapak Kaul, the beach of Belawai, by the bank of South China Sea, to do some cleaning work. since the road leading from Sibu to Tanjung Manis was opened recently for traffic, a steady volume of traffic has since been travelling along this coastal highway to Tanjung Manis, Kuala Rajang, and eventually to Belawai, the farthest you can go by road to this part of Sarawak.
the beach of Belawai is a bit dirty, due to littering by visitors. so, suggestion for their group to do some thing about it was raised and accepted, with the action taken today.

這里將要開個車道,讓車輛可以由大路直達海邊的樹林間.this is the propose location to clear up for a road leading to the sea side.
「落入凡間的天使」成員與布拉威官員阿邦莫哈末在海灘上合影. members of the Sibu Angel Force, together with the SAO of Belawai, Encik Abang Mohamed, having a group photo after their cleaning work at the Tapak Kaul, Belawai.

a story of Belawai by the United Daily News, was posted on the wall of a restaurant, with Simon Sim, Ling Choon Hock and Sim Kai Hui enjoying their meal. 聯合日報有關布拉威的特稿,被張貼在布拉威一間餐廳的牆壁上.沈細熙,林春福,沈凱輝三人正在這間餐廳享受一頓豐富的午餐.

Sim Kai Hui in Tanjung Manis 沈凱輝遊丹章馬尼

 敦化中學過渡班同學沈凱輝,在父親的帶領下,終於第一次乘坐汽車抵達拉讓江河口的丹章馬尼港參觀及遊玩.他在碼頭上拍下這張相片,並表示將要求老師,在下次學校假期時,帶同學一起來這里參觀. transition class student of Tung Hua Secondary School, Sibu, Sim Kai Hui, brought by his father to Tunjang Manis for the first time, and took this photo in front of the wharf. he likes the place, and is thinking of asking his teacher to bring the class to see this place again, if possible, the next school holiday.
碼頭前,小舟載著乘客抵達. a small boat with passengers arrived at the wharf.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

歡樂的長屋拜年 Gawai celebration in long house

 長屋拜年,圍在一起坐. sit in a circle, long house style.
 來乾一杯吧...try a cup of "tuak".
 長屋佳餚那里找,盡量多吃一點.traditional Iban food, delicious.
 又有吃,還要拍下做紀念. these are pancakes, very nice, want to try one?
 雁伶,大口大口吃下去. OK, just enjoy yourself, and eat all.
那里來的綠蛋?不是假蛋吧? green egg? where does it came from?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

happily--in Belawai 快快樂樂的遊一回布拉威

 劉長舉在布拉威海灘上. Lau Tiong Kii at Belawai beach.
 黃孟禮與老婆在布拉威拍anniversary照.Wong Meng Lei and his wife, seems to be taking anniversary photo.
 阿昌與雁伶--親蜜的一對.Teng Ing Chiong and Yeng Ling.
民都魯和詩巫遊客,在布拉威海灘留影.visitors from Bintulu and Sibu, taking a group photo at the beach of Belawai.

Tanjung Manis: crowded but poor road 丹章馬尼超熱鬧,可惜新路太老爺

 road to Tanjung Manis and Belawai is newly built, but in poor condition. why? you guess.....luckily, people just floated to Tanjung Manis, because there is no where residents of Sibu can go.