Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tanjung Manis Airport 丹章馬尼飛機場

 can you believe that Tanjung Manis has airport? many will be surprise, not much people living in that part of the seaside, yet MASwings is flying daily, 7:25am from Kuching to Tanjung Manis, arriving at 8am. flying back to Kuching at 8:15am, arriving at 8:50am. the price? each way the same, Rm59, plus tax Rm24, total Rm83.


  1. really or not,why serikei dont it only from kuching,how bout from kl???????

  2. only to and fro Kuching and Tanjung Manis, no where else. not much passengers I suppose. obviously Sarikei is not that important, so, better take a boat to Kuching lah....

  3. One of these days I will fly from Kuching to TM...and Steve you pick me up from TM Airport...cheaper than flying to Sibu from this way also make TM Airport more busy...and more fares for taxi drivers to pick up...SCORE!!....hahahahah

  4. Tanjung Manis Airport is a small Airport only.
    If from KL to Tanjung Manis,have to stay 1 night at Kuching only can fly to Tg Manis.
    MasWing fly using Twin Otter which is only 19 passenger will be carry to/from Tg Manis daily.