Sunday, May 8, 2011

蝦乾 smoked prawns

 Rm60, or even less, per kilogram of smoked prawns of Belawai, a coastal fishing village in the central of Sarawak. this is prawn season, fisherman caught lots and lots of prawns, so, go to Belawai, and buy yourself cheaper than usual of fishes and prawn. 砂拉越沿海漁村布拉威,魚蝦盛產的季節,捕獲大量蝦隻,當地人忙著製作蝦乾或”蝦米”,每公斤Rm60.比市場上買的便宜至少20令吉.而且又很新鮮.自己去那里買吧.交通方便.


  1. New and knowledgeable experience.....:-)

  2. I agree with TP that these new postings are very informational!! And of course best of pictures I have ever seen!! Rare find...

  3. ok, good for you people, the photographic society of Sibu, as I understand it, is going to organize another trip to Belawai, this coming Wesak day, on 17th of this month. anybody interested to join? just wait for the news on our