Tuesday, May 24, 2011

simple life in Julau before GAWAI 達雅節前夕的如樓

 this year (2011), before GAWAI, we pay a visit to Julau, a small town along the Kanowit river, which itself is a tributary of the Rajang river. along the shops corridor, piles of rubber sheet were laid on the ground for transport to main town for sell. 如樓,距離詩巫約60公里,是拉讓江上的一座小鎮.一大堆樹膠片置放在商店前,等待運往外地出售.
 traditional shop corridor, where long bench chairs for travellers to sit and rest for a while. 商店前五腳基排著長椅,供路人休息.這是小地方常可見到的景觀.
 an old shop block. 如樓一間商店.
 Chang Yi talk to the shop owner. this is the first time ever, she has been there, naturally, every thing is fresh and interesting. 如樓華人店主與張怡聊起來.這是她生平第一次到如樓,好可憐,跑了大半個地球,如樓竟然沒去過...
 stairs to the lower part of the river bank. 高高長長的木梯,通向河岸.
 a photo for the album. 張怡沒見過巴士車,要拍張照留念.
 Foochow noodle were cheaper in Julau. 如樓的”乾盤”好便宜.
this is pepper seeds. 這是胡椒.

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  1. Nice photos...you did not mention that it was my first time going to Julau...so interesting.Thank you.