Sunday, May 1, 2011

實蘭溝、萬年煙路 全程通車  Selanggau to Balingian road completed

it's a surprise, though expected. Selanggau to Balingian road, which was in bad condition for the past thirty over years, is now completely different. with the completion of the tar-sealed road, now motorists can enjoy a peace of mind, and it takes only two hours for a steady drive from Sibu to Mukah, which is over 200km apart. 



  1. Hello..this is a surprise!!Sarawakiana

  2. hai there, when are you coming to Sibu? can bring you to see Tanjung Manis, Kuala Rajang, Belawai...and so on. even to Daro and Matu, crossing Batang Paloh and Batang Lassa by giant ferries....

  3. can to Dalat la~