Tuesday, May 3, 2011

沐膠最後的木板店 the last wooden shops in Mukah

 this row of shops, are the last of the remaining wooden shops in Mukah. the rest, all burnt down with no obvious reasons. the New Lane cafe, is very near to the "Chimney" of Mukah and Chinese temple, just by the riverside. here, there is one famous food of Mukah, that is, the Melanau "umai", a dish of raw fish meat cut into small pieces, and soak in onion and lemon juice, or the sour orange and chilly, which is sold here. Umai is very delicious, visitors to Mukah should try this dish, and always ask for one, if they were not provided with one . they even sell "umai" at the wet market, Rm13 per packet . 新慶園這一排木板店,是沐膠碩果僅存的最後一排未被燒光光的木店了.它就在一座古老碩莪煙囪附近,靠近沐膠河旁.這間餐廳咖啡店,只在夜間營業,生意非常旺.老板娘表示,1991年開業的這20年間,她們很受歡迎,連當年的”第五台”,現在改為”I-fm"的訪員,都曾訪問過她們.這里最著名的食品,就是沐膠的”魚生”,切成小片的生魚,以辣椒,酸柑和大蒜腌上好幾個鐘頭後,便可以上桌享受.在他們的魚市場,也有售賣這種食食品,魚片和其他配料分開,要吃時才滲腌.到沐膠,肯定要享受這道美食,否則就是好浪費哦....

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  1. 在哪儿三年,说没有留下足迹是不可能的。我喜欢NEW LANE咖啡店。吃吃喝喝聊聊天度过我那无数无奈无聊寂寞的日子。