Sunday, May 29, 2011

第3粒榴槤與長椅  the bench chair and the 3rd durian

 Pakan's logo is a durian. this is the 3rd durian you can find in Sarawak, the other are Serian in Kuching, and Durin in Sibu. 砂拉越的地標,至今發現三粒榴槤,這一粒是在巴干.其他兩粒是在西連和如仙.
 long bench chairs, are typical in many small rural villages and towns in Sarawak. 在砂拉越的許多小鎮,商店前的長椅,是一項歷史的留痕.


  1. In these towns the best place to lepak would be along the five foot way of the shop nice of the towkays to give this can of R and R!! They are certainly blessed by their kindness.

  2. I am that handsome model at 1st pic :-)

  3. R & R ? Rest and Recharge? Fender is always the serious photographer, never give up, take everything, I mean take a lot of photographs.