Thursday, April 21, 2011

紅豆●相思 red seeds--for remembrance

 兩位男士蹲在地上做甚麼?撿垃圾?金銀珠寶?非也,非也.這里是詩巫光華地區,真安堂教會文物館前面,一棵樹掉落許多紅豆,聽說「此物最相思」,兩位男士就地撿了起來.帶回家好好相思. these red seeds drop from the tree nearby, since they are good for remembrance, why not, just collect some, and take home.
 衛理報:一甲子文字情講座,參加者在木桂蘭衛理公會戶外活動中心旁留影. Chinese Methodist Message 60th anniversary seminar's participants have a group photo outside the Methodist outdoor activity center at Bukit Lan.
砂拉越衛理公會的歷史文物展覽館,一座舊教堂改為文物館,意義不凡.  Sarawak Methodist Church Heritage Gallery, an old church turned into history museum of the church itself, very meaningful.

 long house at Bukit Aup, Sibu. 詩巫附近阿越的一座長屋.
石山公園內的4朵金花. girls like photo.

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