Friday, April 1, 2011

Mee Kiong in Tanjung Manis & Belawai 丹章馬尼和布拉威遊車河

 丹章馬尼碼頭上,背後是餐廳. 詩巫到丹章馬尼,陸路不須一個鐘,80多公里.at the wharf of Tanjung Manis, background is a restaurant. the road to Tanjung Manis from Sibu, over 80km away, took only an hour.
 布拉威甘榜路旁. at a stall on the road side of Belawai kampong.
買一杯蝦子醬. buying a cup of shrimp jam. or "sing jian lok".


  1. can reach by car already?

  2. Wow now my friends can drive to Tanjong Manis and Belawai...can you lead us too?

  3. I've been to Tanjung Manis and Belawai by car twice already, within the past two weeks. can go any time, very convenient.

  4. very interesting. how is the road condition, are there many shops and food stalls i would like to visit there as well