Thursday, April 14, 2011

the dancing voter at Nanga Tada, Kanowit 南溪達達選民舞起來

 長屋一名居民在國陣候選人肖像前跳起”牙擦”舞來. an elderly woman dance near the poster of a candidate of the Barisan National.
 entrance to Rumah Pius. different parties flag are flying. 這間長屋外,各政黨旗旘在飄揚.
 國民黨以最原始,最原庄的政黨吁人民支持. SNAP, the original Iban party, are they coming back?
this is the hill where a long house stand. last year, Prime Minister Najib visited this place. now, opposition is coming. 這座在南溪達達的山坡上,建著一間長屋.去年,首相曾到這里訪問.現在,這里的反對黨旗旘也很多.

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