Thursday, April 14, 2011

campaign heat going on! 持續競選熱潮

劉強燕昨晚在丹公集一民宅會見當地人民. Alice Lau at a house meeting her supporters in Tanjung Kunjit, last night.
 人聯黨在福州街路尾的集會.民政黨主席許子根博士在台上演講. Dr. Hu, President of Gerakan, speaking on the stage.
Karpa Singh speaking to listeners near Sibu bus terminal. 加巴星在旺囍樓附近向民眾發言.
 人聯黨在茶香咖啡店前的集會. SUPP's meet the people session at Bukit Lima coffee shop.
 the campaign near Farley supermarket. 華利超級市場附近的集會.
新珠山巴剎”花月坊”酒樓前的集會. at Sungei Merah, in front of Joystar Garden restaurant.

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