Wednesday, April 20, 2011

衛理報:一甲子文字情 60th anniversary of Chinese Methodist Message

 黃家源牧師主持衛理報”一甲子文字情”講座會證道. Rev. Wong spoke of sixty years of Chinese Methodist Message's history.
來自台灣基督教論壇報特約記者盧明正,亦是特約國際旅遊雜誌攝影人,旅遊多國各地拍攝風光美景.前來主持衛理報攝影講座. Oscar Lu, reporter of Taiwan Christian Tribune, and a photographer of an international tourism magazine, speaks during the photography talk session.

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  1. Hope all of you are in good health mentally and physically after the election...Back to normal? Be healthy always...See you in May!