Monday, March 28, 2011

Uncle Sui, Anthony & Joseph 小叔與我的兩名美國兄弟

 四叔,四嬸給他們的兩名美國孫兒一人一個紅包.左是Anthony,右的是小弟Joseph. Uncle Hi gave his two nephews from the United States each an "ang pow". this is Chinese traditional way of greeting the younger generation, especially those from far away, who came all the way to pay them a visit. at left is Anthony, and Joseph is the younger brother. well...... they are still singles. girls, interested to make friend with my brothers?
by the way,many thanks to Ming, from the smiling "young man" at left. you know what I mean, the "ang pow" for my house warming, in US$ !! ha ha....... seated from left, Aunty, Daun's wife, his grand daugher, Paul and grand son. standing from right are uncle's old friend William, Uncle Hi, Uncle Sui from US, his son Anthony and Joseph. they are back in Sibu to visit relatives and old friends, and for the Chinese tomb festival.


  1. Which state do they live in the USA?

  2. sooooo envious!!!!

  3. they are from the city of the angels, you know where? yes, hollywood, universal studio, disneyland, that's the place they are from. you like to join them????
    oh, Los Angeles, I like to come.....