Monday, March 7, 2011

薑花上的螳螂 praying mantis

this praying mantis attracts my attention, block my view actually, and so, took out my micro lens, snap some shots, before it escaped.


  1. hi, some out of topic question. i heard that we can now drive to tanjung manis? the road is done but they have on road block that opens from 8am to 4pm only? is it true?

  2. Nelson, there is only one way to check out. how? I will be going to Tg. Manis by road this Saturday, with some friends. like to join in? get your car and friends. give me a call 012-891 2569

  3. i would love to but i am working in kuching. will be having holidays end of this mth only. i would like to drive there too. my dad was born in belawai. anyway thanks.