Thursday, March 17, 2011

那邊慶周年 這邊簽書忙 a celebration in different ways

 詩巫福州墾場110週年慶祝會場. celebration of Foochow migration to Sarawak 110 anniversary.
 砂拉越目前最炙手可熱的史學研究者--黃孟禮,在夫人(左)陪同下,與詩巫福州移民港主黃乃裳的曾孫女黃碧瑤博士,手持她的著作《黃乃裳》合影. great grand daughter of Wong Nai Siong, Dr Anne Pi-Yau Pang (right), promoting her book about her great grand father with well known local historian Wong Meng Leh and his wife.
 砂拉越攝影界大師張達良,獲得黃碧瑤親筆簽名的書. Roger Tiong getting signature from the writer.
詩巫最努力的”賣書人”,與黃碧瑤博士合影. the force behind the selling of these books, sharing their effort with Dr Anne Pi-Yau Pang.


  1. 貴姓是黃﹐怎麼英文寫PANG

  2. 你知道啦,歐美國家及紐澳,都是把丈夫或父親的姓放在老婆,孩子名家的后面.就是這樣.