Sunday, February 20, 2011

玻璃窗上的蜘蛛 spiders on the glass

I did not took the photo properly, using micro lens, not using tri-pot, laziness won't help, sharpness is compromised. needless to say, not focusing on the objects. what a waste.....沒有好好的拍,微焦鏡頭沒有好好應用,三腳架也懶得用...結果?好像沒有抓到焦點.浪費.這群玻璃窗上的蜘蛛.


  1. Aiyo yo...!! Kuat s-a-y-a-n lo.....:-(

  2. hi there, really enjoyed all your articles & pics, they are all wonderful. Well, dont really think these are spiders, most probably they are the babies of assassin bugs or wheel bugs. Came across them a few times already as the mother will simply laid the eggs on the walls. :)

  3. Good story!! A picture is still a picture...alas to those who never have a chance even!!