Thursday, February 3, 2011

a new mood in Chinese New Year 換個環境過年    

2011年華人新年,在新家渡過.最難得的,是表妹代珠第一次與我們一起過個簡單、節約的新年. this is a bit special for me, this year, my cousin Tai Chuo came over and celebrated the Chinese NY dinner with us.
深夜十二點,迎接新年的來臨,大家燃放煙花、炮竹,好不熱鬧.在家門口拍的一點點煙花景觀. fire works brightened the sky in the middle of the night.
 lion dance came to our new house to celebrate the new year.

詩巫拳術健身協會獅隊來賀年.拍張紀念照.二哥二嫂及義恩夫婦,孩子,以及我們一家. we have a group photo together, to mark the beginning of another year.

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  1. 舞獅的好可憐﹐新年的時候忙得很﹐別人新年的時候在休息