Saturday, February 5, 2011

6姐妹,拜年忙 the SIX sisters, CNY visiting

四姨--玉娟(左2)在家招待姐妹及家人來拜年. house visit of the sisters. this is No. 4's house. chatting with sisters.
 小姨--心娟,分派紅包給晚輩. house of No.6. she is giving away "ang pow" to the young ones.
 二姨--鳳娟,忙著切年糕招待家人.No.2's house, she is busy cutting cake to treat her guests.
 五姨--娟娟,與姐妹們在餐桌上交流. No.5's house, enjoying a meal together.
 三姨--秀娟,與大女兒,醫療X光專家凱茜琳(左),忙著切自製的蛋糕招待客人. No.3's house, all the cakes are home make by herself, and delicious too. the pretty girl at left is her oldest daughter Catherine, a medical X-ray specialist, with Master degree.
大姐--美娟,第一年搬新家過年,所以合照留在這里才拍.可惜漏了艷,她忙著打扮去參加晚宴. and the oldest, she is my wife, moving in for the first Chinese New Year, naturally we request that, this year group photo will be taken here. most unfortunately, Emily is busy making up for a dinner, she miss the photo.


  1. 詩巫是放正的福﹐中國是放倒的福﹐代表福到

  2. Seven fairies - five golden flowers --- Six sisters would be = ??

  3. the six lilies...may be. selamat tahun baru China, CY. I heard that you celebrate your CNY in Kuching, how nice.