Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're moving! 終於搬家了!!

 孟禮,文發叔公搬老媽的”傳家之寶”. mom's old sewing machine.
 紹清,”阿兄”春福移動客廳的舊櫥. everything are moving.
 進新家囉....風扇並不重,是中間那條要掉落了. Ah Mee Kiong and myself, too old to carry something heavy .
 中國鼓浪嶼買的”百鶴圖”. Meng Lei and Choon Hock.
 ”阿友”曾光耀終於趕到.Ah yew and Ah ching.
艷,只拿輕的就夠了. Emily only got energy to carry pillows.
 光娟與兒子招旭. Ah kwong and her son.
 子錦拍太多相片了,也要出一點力. now... the photographer need to make use some of his energy.
 工作完畢,來幾碗”粉干蛋”吧...這是最省錢的招待客人. after the hard work, lets enjoy Foochow's noodle with eggs.
你看,做攝影師的朋友,永遠都有得紀念---來張照片留念吧... to be friend with photographer, you'll have a lot of photos taken, even doing something sooooo small!!


  1. 那个拿枕头的姑娘~ 腿很美Hor。。。

  2. So seven seven eight eight...move in already oh!
    Moving house is a big are blessed with such good friends..And easy work too....nice group photo too....Congratulations!! Must invite me to your new house!

  3. 恭喜阿长,贺喜阿长,新年到了搬新家,万象更新咯~~~

  4. 恭喜恭喜,过新年住新屋。阿长你最幸福!感恩喔!

  5. wonderful to hear this news. but this CNY i will b housebound mostly i think :) recuperating

  6. By the way, Emily has great legs :)

  7. 謝謝大家, thanks, everybody. 不要忘了來草舍玩玩,不一定要拜年,欣賞一下我辛辛苦苦種的花草,也可以吧...? don't forget visiting me anytime, not only during Chinese new year. I hope my fruit trees will grow up over night, and produce fruits to treat you all.