Monday, September 27, 2010

燈會燃放煙花 fireworks at the lantern festival

11天的詩巫第二屆燈會,終於落幕.昨晚的夜空,一片絢麗.after 11 days of celebration, 2nd Sibu Lantern Festival come to a close last night.
阿美娟與代珠難得一起參觀燈會,在孔雀燈前留影.Mee Kiong and Tai Chuo enjoy a night watching different types of lanterns.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nanga Entabai, Julau 如樓--南卡恩達拜

享受一頓長屋旁的”美極”麵加蛋.這是如樓南卡恩達拜,距離詩巫100公里的如樓路尾地方.老周吃著美極樂開懷,太美味了. enjoy a meal of maggi and egg, at Nanga Entabai, about 100km from Sibu, in Julau District of Sarikei Division. this is a stall just by the river side at Nanga Entabai, which is the last stop of road leading from other part of Sarawak. there is no more road from there, villagers have to travel by long boats, long distance and sometimes dangerous due to swift current.
伊班婦人在路旁的攤位上為我們煮美極麵加蛋. the hawker cooking maggi mee for us by the road side stall.
阿平站在南卡恩達拜一座吊橋上.這里有兩座吊橋,一座通向小學,另一座通向診療所.怪怪的,小學在對岸,診療所又返回這邊岸.但由于已沒有通路,水道又是彎彎曲曲的,結果,看上去就好像過河到小學,小學又再過河到診療所. Ah Ping, standing on a suspension bridge in Nanga Entabai.
吊橋下,來來去去的長舟頻繁.顯示,由于沒有陸路,水路是唯一的交通.remember the name: ENTABAI, the last place before road ends. villagers leave their vehicles on the edge of the river, and use long boats to continue their journey back home.
南卡恩達拜河邊,長舟準備啟程. you will see long boats come and go at this place whole day long.
由下游來,或上游而下的長舟絡繹不絕.travelling on boats become part of their life. when can we expect road to be built, I don't know. from here to Song, and Kapit, there is just no road. you know, we have independent for almost half a century, and yet......
小童站在吊橋上觀望.children looking down from the suspension bridge.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

lights of the lanterns 千嬌百媚--燈籠

dragon dancing around the pagoda. 巨龍圍繞燈塔起舞.
lion dance under the lanterns. 燈海下舞起的獅子.
Iban girls with lanterns. 伊班族少女提燈籠遊行.
1Malaysia lantern procession. 一個馬來西亞燈籠節遊行.
stilt walkers joining the lantern procession. 踩高蹺隊伍參與提燈籠遊行.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lanterns 燈籠

傳統的嫦娥奔月燈籠.a traditional lantern, with the goddess of the moon, dancing.
這座古塔創意燈籠.a lantern in the shape of a pagoda.
environmental lantern, made of empty plastic bottles. 環保燈籠,全部是用空塑膠瓶子製作而成.
代表華人的龍,也是燈籠的一部份. this is typical dragon lantern, a very realistic Chinese culture.

加拿逸節 Pesta Kanowit

beauty of Kanowit, using a camera to take pictures. this is taken place at Kanowit, an up river town of the Rajang River, Sarawak, Borneo. Rajang River is the longest river in Malaysia, with 350 miles or 560 km. it is also the place, where South East Asian biggest dam was built, at the Bakun area of the Rajang River.加拿逸美少女,舉起相機拍照.這里是全來西亞最長河流--拉讓江中流的一座小鄉鎮.拉讓江全長350英哩,或560公里.在這里的上游”巴貢”地區,是一座東南亞最大的水霸所處在地點.
young girls with traditional costume, welcoming guests during the festival. 傳統服裝少女迎接賓客.
Head of Sarawak, Tun Ahmad Zaidi join in the celebration with the people of Kanowit. 砂拉越州元首出席參與加拿逸節.
a very long, long boat, with beauties of different races, waving to mark the opening of the festival. 這隻好長好長的長舟,載著各民族服裝少女,向岸上賓客揮手,以致開幕.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

詩巫中秋節的燈 Lantern Festival in Sibu

Victor, Emily with Mom under the lanterns. 義威,林艷及美娟,在街邊的燈籠底下.
peacock lantern.
lanterns light up the night around Sibu Town Square.

brother Paul and his family. 二哥禮端與二嫂及家人.
Goddess of the moon, come celebrating the festival with Sibu people.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hari Raya visit & celebration 慶賀開齋節

Victor & Emily visiting family friend at Kampong Bundong, Sibu. 義威,林艷在開齋節拜年.
Mee Kiong(right), Tai Chuo(3rd right), Zhe Wei (left), Yong Wei(2nd left) and their mother, visits Aminah during their Hari Raya celebration. Aminah is long time friend of Mee Kiong and Tai Chuo, while they were working with Luk's specialist Clinic in Sibu. Aminah and her family members can speak fluent Foochow, and her sister-in-law is a Foochow. her nephew's wife is half Chinese. their family have a very close relationship with Chinese and others, make them a very special Muslims family, a manifestation of 1 Malaysia spirit.美娟,代珠,紫葳,永葳向Aminah拜年.
Abang Khalid (right), deputy President of the Photographic Society of Sibu, chat with friends during their Hari Raya visit. the coffee shop towkey and his family is very close to Khalid, whom they have built up a special relationship, they even went travelling together sometimes. this is another sign of ordinary folks of different ethnic background, but stay together like brothers and sisters. this is the spirit we need. 詩巫攝影學會署理會長卡立(右)在接受友人賀年.
members of the Photographic Society of Sibu, Rev. Liong and Stephen Wong enjoy their food during Hari Raya visit. in good will and spirit of brotherhood, every body play their part in making this society of ours, a very different one. 梁毅鏗牧師,黃子錦在享受開齋節美食.梁牧師亦是詩巫攝影學會資深會員,多年失聯,專職教會事奉,今年亦關心和參與攝影學會活動,讓人深深感動.
we have a group photo with Khalid and his family members. 攝影學會會員與卡立一家合影留念.
members enjoying themselves during our Hari Raya visit. 多位會員與林良輝顧問(右),在開齋節賀年時留影.左起為陳永昌,黃子錦,Peter Goh,梁毅鏗牧師,唐德平,許長國,及馬丁謝必益等人.
a veteran member of our club, Amin and his family members taking a group photo with the visitors. 向老會員Amin賀年.右為詩巫攝影學會秘書許保德,左為會員林杰希等.
committee member of the Photographic Society of Sibu, Suhardy with his visitors during their Hari Raya open house yesterday, at Kampong Sentosa, Sibu. 詩巫攝影學會理事Suhardy與訪客合影.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya to Khalid, Suhardy, Jamalludin of the Photographic Society of Sibu 祝穆斯林朋友開齋節快樂

this is one of the photos taken, during the club members moving around in Sibu kampong taking Hari Raya photographs. 這是開齋節前夕,詩巫攝影學會會員在甘榜拍攝的開齋節點油燈活動.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it's mid Autumn again 中秋又來臨

在詩巫城市廣場,1萬3千粒燈籠將被高高掛起來,以歡慶今年的中秋節. thirteen thousand lanterns will hang high up in Sibu, to mark this year's "lantern festival", which will fall on the 22nd this month.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

開齋節點燃油燈 Hari Raya lighting

詩巫攝影學會,配合開齋節的來臨,於今晚拉隊到馬來甘榜,穆斯林住家門口,拍攝他們點燃油燈的活動.十多名會員,在署理會長阿邦卡立和顧問張達良的率領下,浩浩蕩蕩出發,與穆斯林共同歡慶這個佳節. members of the Photographic Society of Sibu, led by its deputy President Abang Khalid, and its advisor Roger Tiong (FRPS), enjoy a night out in the kampong, taking photos of Muslims lighting of the oil lamps.
這座巨型油燈座,高28呎,擺放了500盞油燈,照亮了甘榜的道路. this giant lamp stand is 28 feet high, with 500 lamps on it.
孩童快樂的玩起煙花來.他們將歡樂帶給大家. children playing with fireworks, which bring the festive mood to the kampongs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

island of pregnant maiden in Langkawi 浮羅交怡的”孕婦”島

the shape of the island. does it looks like a pregnant maiden? 遠看像不像一名仰臥的孕婦?
name of the island: Dayang Bunting. 島名怪怪的.
jetty for boats to berth. 船隻停泊的碼頭(多此一說).
a little bit of climbing up the hill. 爬幾步路上山,不難的.
the lake of the pregnant maiden. 孕婦湖,不會生孩子的,泡一下孕婦水,包你心想事成.試試看??
no swimming? do as they do? 不要游泳?洗洗腳也好.
the fishes will come for your "dirty" feet. 有魚兒會為你足底”按摩”.這是真正的腳底按摩!!
legend of pregnant maiden island and its lake. 孕婦湖的傳說--全寫在這里.