Thursday, December 16, 2010

photography outing with Miss Yii 俞老師的第一課

 詩巫聖伊麗沙白中學老師俞碧琳,喜歡拍照,苦於無良師.終於找上詩巫攝影學會.黃子錦成為她的第一位”老師”.教老師拍照!!子錦,有沒有壓力? Miss Yii is a teacher of St. Elizabeth Secondary School in Sibu. she is interested in photography, with her Nikon D90, a birthday gift from her two sisters, she try very hard to learn how to take GOOD pictures. finally, she get in contact with the Photographic Society of Sibu, and many turn up to give our teacher a good lesson. Stephen Wong is her first teacher.
 詩巫攝影學會理事齊出動,老師的面子夠大了.如果再教不會,只好辭職謝罪,不幹了.里面有阿周,卡立,子錦,阿昌及老婆,還有本人. Ah Chiew, Khalid, Ah Chong and Yenn Ling, Stephen Wong and my humble self, together with Miss Yii.
 當老師遇到學生時,情況就是這樣.因為老師自己也當起學生來. when teacher meet her students....this is the situation. because the teacher is a student now.
老婆年輕,漂亮,當然是最理想的模特兒.陳永昌和陳雁玲,就是最佳拍檔.husband and wife can be very good photography partners, just like ah Chong and Yenn Ling.
阿東沒帶相機,只好看人家放天燈了. Ko Tung has nothing to do, but watch other playing with "goodwill lantern".