Friday, December 10, 2010

峇哥地主呈請願書 Bako Land Owners' PETITION

60歲商人,黃其會,今晚在砂拉越漳泉聯合會20周年會慶時,代表峇哥被徵收土地地主,向晚會主宾,砂拉越首席部長泰益瑪目提呈一份請願書,尋求首長協助峇哥地主,在徵收土地一事上,給予地主更合理的賠償.峇哥被徵收土地地主,詩巫委員會主席是黃廣杜,他的手機號碼:016 862 3657.
a representative of Bako Land Rights Committee, Sibu, Wong Kee Hui, present a petition letter to the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Taib Mahmud, requesting assistance in better compensation for the land owners, whose land has been acquired by the government for development purposes. Wong present the petition during a dinner in Sibu, tonight. the chairman of the Bako Land Rights Sibu Committee, is Mr. Wong Kwong Toh, handphone number 016 862 3657.

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  1. Mr Wong should stand beside The CM...and not sneak or be in a bending position from behind. Islam is a religion which permits equality...and no other human being is less...Kowtow is obsolete since the Sun Yat Sun government/revolution.

    Hope the Bako landowners get justice done.