Wednesday, December 8, 2010

峇哥地主,無語問蒼天! the Bako land owners' dilemma

 現年58歲的Mohamad Bin Matsah, 與任老師的太太,原本計劃要在退休時,將父親在峇哥甘榜巴西布迪(Pasir Puteh)的一塊2.36依甲土地,做為他兩告老的退休生活中心.種種椰子,水果和蔬菜,日子也不難過,生活要求也不高.與他們在一起的,還有父親和一名妹妹.但是,今年8月間的一書通告,卻是他們夢魘的開始.因為,要將他們的土地徵收,做為”發展”用途.所提供的賠償,真的很難讓他們可以再買到一塊土地,做為養老的地方.難怪他們要伸出無奈的雙手,似乎在向人表達,那種”無語問蒼天”的心聲.

this is the story of 58 years old Mohamad bin Matsah, who has just retired, and is thinking of utilized a piece of land from his father, 80 years old Matsah bin Naser, planting some coconut trees, fruit trees, doing some gardening for vegetables. living a simple life is OK for him and his wife when they were old. but this "Big Plan" is tarnished by a small piece of letter in August this year, telling them that, their piece of 2.36 acres land, is being acquired for "development" purpose. from the amount of compensation, they really don't expect to get another piece of land, needless to mention the same size, just to get hold of a foothold is very difficult for them. no wander they have to react in such a way, as if giving up hope for any plan of their retirement.

there is a duck farm just beside the main road leading from Kuching town to Kampong Bako. a Taiwan graduate came back home many years ago, thinking of great plan for his duck farm, may be developing into one of those biggest in the state, not to mention dreaming of the biggest in the country. dream you can, with most enthusiastic consideration, especially by the encouragement of so called "venturing into agriculture" for the benefit of the country and its people. but his dream is literally "shattered" by the same piece of paper, telling him to step aside for "development". with the compensation enough to buy a few thousand of ducks anywhere he choose to breed them. he has no choice, but to leave....


  1. 最近加拿大的房地产收入不好,对不住了,老家不牺牲一点怎么能养活我们在加拿大那么多的开销?何况最近哪个什么SARAWAK REPORT又搞的人心惶惶...

  2. Good of you to blog about the Bako land issue...pitiful to hear about the sad situation. Land owners in Sarawak seemed to be as endangered as Orang Utans.

  3. anybody? willing to pull the banner for the land owners, many of them are scare, they rather hide, not to come out fighting for their right.