Wednesday, November 3, 2010

53-5 陳仔穗逐出砂州立法議會 53-5 Ting Tze Fui expelled from Council Negeri of Sarawak

行動黨的馬拉端立法議員:陳仔穗,今早在立法議會內,被53票對5票,逐出剩餘的立法議會會議. representative of Meradong constituency of Sarawak, Miss Ting Tze Fui, is this morning expelled from the remaining sitting of the current Council Negeri assembly. with a voting of 53-5, she has no choice but to leave.


  1. This is so called 'democracy' of Malaysia !

  2. We shall demand answer for George Chan on the SIMC white elephants. This hospital was constructed with the cost of nearly RM400 millions by the incompetent SESCO Engineering. The questions are as below:

    1. How can SESCO Engineering, a company with no experience and no capital be entrusted to construct a RM400 millions hospitals?

    2. The 160 beds hospital at most will cost RM150 millions at market price. Why the government has to spend three times the amount to build?

    3. The official completion date of the hospital is July 2006. Why is it still not completed?

    4. There are a lot of quality issued and Ministry of Health is unwilling to accept the hospital. George Chan please explain.