Sunday, October 31, 2010

本屆最後立法議會 last sitting of present Sarawak Council Negeri

砂拉越立法議會大廈(左上角),被古晉江邊商店擋住視線.右邊是星際影院.這是由我住的”發達”酒店三樓拍的--立法會序幕....明天開始,一連五天要在這個3億令吉大樓里呆呆過.要努力的拍照,不知道他們中間還有多少人,下一屆還會在這里開會...哼哼,你知道我的意思...on top left, is the Council Negeri building of Sarawak. from tomorrow onward, in 5 days time, will be station in this building, and take as much photo as possible, because some of the YB may be the last time they are here.......know what I mean?

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  1. Yes...take as many photos....and wish every one well....they must make the last effort to make good laws for all of us. Good law makers are well remembered and blessed for generations.