Wednesday, September 1, 2010

99 islands of Langkawi 浮羅交怡的99座島嶼

這座好長好長的堤,是保護浮羅交怡的一座長堤.有沒有做用,就是見仁見智了.不過,工程卻肯定不小.this is a long jetty across the sea in front of Langkawi airport.
浮羅交怡有幾座島?有人說99座,也有人說現在已增加到102座.不過,住在那里的人,都趨向於99座島嶼.這個數目字有它的意義,指的是人的數目不能多於上天.100是個整數,因此最多只能99. you know how many islands in Langkawi? some say 99 islands, others say 102. but most people prefer 99, because it is a number which is smaller than the all mighty, that's why 99, the number is meaningless on itself.

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