Thursday, August 26, 2010

浮羅交怡--我來囉...we're in Pulau Langkawi

logo of Langkawi by the sea side. the eagle standing tall near Langkawi jetty. 水路來到浮羅交怡,第一個看到的就是這座巨鷹標誌.
this is her first time, close encounter with two birds only.....野生動物公園,第一次與鳥兒近距離接觸,你看她笑到這樣子...


  1. oh langkawi 變了很多..上一次去是12年前...

  2. people said there is nothing to see here, obviously, it's a mistake. spend a few days, and you can explore quite a lot of places of interest, such as boat trip to the nearby islands. catching the eagles feeding at sea, or go up the cable cars, which I miss due to fasting month, they close for yearly maintenance. find out the story of Mohsuri, the pretty lady who was executed due to jealousy, and many others. 噢,浮羅交怡,太不同了,值得再來.攝影的朋友,可以組團來拍照.要拍的東西太多了.有人說沒有東西看,多住幾天,你就捨不得跑了.