Thursday, August 5, 2010

錢本統出任詩巫市議會主席? Chieng to become Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council ?

候定木杰阿拾區國陣候選人錢本統,据稱有望取代張泰卿,出任詩巫市議會主席. is Chieng to become the next chairman of Sibu Municipal Council, replacing Tiong Thai King?  the possibility is there, isn't it?
張泰卿如果競選木杰阿拾州選區,是否能像南蘭國會選區那樣獲勝,是廣受注目的事.if Tiong Thai King is to stand in the next State election, contesting in Bukit Assek, is he possible to re-capture the seat back from DAP? just like he won in the Lanang Parliamentary seat?

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