Friday, July 30, 2010

古晉胡姬公園:美麗但品種少 the species are really very limited

talk has been that, Kuching Orchid Garden is lack of variety, not more than forty species of orchid, which the Mayor of Kuching City North angrily denied. looking around in the garden, I wonder the Minister of Tourism is telling the truth. there are not much species, forty is a bit too many. I would say, twenty, may be.旅遊部長黃燕燕應該不會騙人,那里會超過40個品種.照看,20個品種應該有吧...花園是很美麗,花卉也確實很漂亮,很吸引人.不過,品種?真有那麼多?看來看去,好像都是相似的品種.
Normah orchid as admired by Mee Kiong. 阿美娟看的是諾瑪胡姬.
what is that. not orchid, obviously. it is the flowers of pitcher plant. 猜得到這是甚麼花嗎?我敢擔保,你一定猜不到...豬籠草的花!!
a westerner taking photo of the beautiful orchid. 遊人在拍美麗的藍花.
so, this is V. Taib. 唔,很特別的名字.好像那里看到,好熟悉噢...
the garden itself, to be truthful, is very nice, very beautiful, with the so many flowers.  排列整齊,的確是很美麗.可惜品種有限.

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