Thursday, May 27, 2010

象棋神童? young genius?

今年就讀詩巫聖心華小的4年級同學蔣利宏,大概才10歲吧?看他似模似樣的與大人在下棋.你看他神色自若的下起棋來,有形有款.公公,叔叔,婆婆都稱好.原來即使是成年人,不一定象棋就玩得好,他們可是一局又一局的不敵這位神童哦. a Primary Four young boy, about 10 years old, is playing Chinese chess in a coffee shop, with people as old as his Grand-Pa. who do you think win the chess playing? no, not the adult, rather, it is this young genius. he said, he learn how to play Chinese chess through his uncle, and he has been playing chess for quite some time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

記者離職 Journalist resign

聯合日報記者,黃和福離職了.同事們給他敘別. reporter of United Daily News resign, colleagues bid him farewell.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

衛理福兒院60週年 Methodist Children Home 60th Anniversary

Sibu Methodist Children Home is to celebrate 60th Anniversary in June. the children recently took this commemorative photo at it's compound.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

唐崇榮佈道會 Evangelical gathering of Stephen Tong

萬人佈道聚會,在三洋大廈前的詩巫城市廣場.由來自印尼的國際佈道家唐崇榮博士主講. Evangelist Stephen Tong, from Indonesia, preaching the gospel of Jesus' salvation. he is an international Evangelist, who went to many countries to preach.
萬人聚集,聆聽福音信息 thousands gathered at Sibu Town Square, in front of Wisma Sanyan.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Final Countdown: 398 votes 398票的勝利

黃和聯中選,被高舉慶祝.林吉祥,林冠英陪伴在側. Ho Leng flash his victory sign, with Lim Kit Siang, and Lim Guan Eng.
行動黨和民聯領齊歡呼. Pakatan Rakyat leaders cheer.
辛苦你們了,新聞從業員. lousy work, yet challenging--the Journalists.
門外一樣歡呼聲不斷. outside the counting room, DAP leaders cheer to the many thousand supporters.
就差這麼一個郵寄票,讓成績遲了兩個小時才公佈. remaining only ONE postal box yet to be announced, causing a delay of almost two hours.
差不多接近午夜,這些11個箱子才送來. eleven boxes of the postal votes finally arrived before 11pm.
接著公佈了最後的成績. this is the final result.
等候中的選委會人員,都疲倦的要睡了. officers of the Election Commission were so tired and sleepy.
劉會耀向和聯祝賀. Hui Yew congratulated Ho Leng.
和聯對順舸和陳華貴說: 不必再說了.... Ho Leng to Soon Koh and Fua Kui: talk no more....
黃順舸,陳華貴,劉會耀發表談話. Soon Koh, Fua Kui, Hui Yew talk to the press.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

polling day 投票了

行動黨候選人,黃和聯陪同夫人投票. DAP candidate Wong Ho Leng, together with his wife, cast their votes at Kwong Ang Primary School.
獨立人士納拉威投票. Independent candidate Narawi cast his vote at Ulu Sungei Merah Primary School, at mile 8, Oya Road.
黃順舸和梁寶玲排隊等候投票. Datuk Wong Soon Koh and his wife, line up to vote.
納拉威巡視市區的投票中心. Narawi inspecting a polling centre.
黃和聯巡視選舉委員會的檢查站. Ho Leng checking on a booth of the Election Commission.
潮水偷偷來襲,查站員須搬家. due to high tide, water creeping into a compound of a polling centre, affecting the work of the Election Commission.
補選監督團成員在一個投票中心外,與張守江等交談.members of an independent "Election Watch" group, talk with the voters outside a polling centre.
拉讓花園幼稚園是其中一個華人票大票倉. Rejang Park Kindergarten polling centre, is one of those Chinese majority centre.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

國陣對民聯 BN vs Pakatan Rakyat

納吉在詩巫拉讓花園承諾,劉會耀中選,星期一就簽支票,撥出500萬給拉讓花園改善基建. this is the third time Najib was in Sibu this week. tonight, he went to Rajang Park to meet the people there, and promise to give out Rm5,000,000 for the infrastructure development and repay work, if Lau Hui Yew win the by-election.
張泰卿,陳康南,納吉,黃順舸,吳春祥出席今晚在拉讓花園會見人民集會. Tiong Thai King, George Chan, Najib, Wong Soon Koh, Vincent Goh were at Rajang Park tonight.
出席拉讓花園集會的人數,估計千餘人. over a thousand people turn out to meet the Prime Minister.
出席在「詩巫之窗」的國陣集會人數,也達到千人之數. the gathering at Sibu Gateway of the BN, also saw over thousand people.
國陣電單車旗幟隊出遊. BN motor cycle team flying the flags.
民聯的集會在詩巫甘榜區,行動黨西馬議員倪可敏在發表激昂的演說.在場据稱達到萬人. DAP gathering, estimated over 10 thousand people turn out.
陳籽惠在會場準備講話. Miss Ting prepare to go on the stand.
行動黨旗幟被高高舉起. flags of DAP waving during the campaign gathering.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

納吉感受到詩巫的"威力" Najib felt the pressure in Sibu

Prime Minister was in Sibu again today. tonight, he really felt the "pressure" in Sibu , when he was swamped by the crowd at the Tua Pek Kong temple. his body guards should realize they are unable to do any thing. Najib only arrived at the place for less than 10 minutes, and have to leave, the "pressure" is really too much. he has to even walk carefully, because there is just not enough space for him to see clearly.

國際旅遊小姐來囉....Miss Tourism Intercontinental

the mastermind behind all the beauties : Alaric Soh. 舉辦國際旅遊小姐的主腦人物 Alaric.
beauties on the stage. 美女如云.
who is the fairest of them all? 誰最漂亮?
德國美女. Miss Germany.
Philippines beauty.菲律賓美女.
photographers against beauties. 攝影師與美女大對決.
the weather is hot, so is the beauty. 天氣熱,美女更熱.
busy taking photographs, even though the weather is really a bit hot. 高溫氣候下,忙累了攝影師.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

kampong is the main battle field? 馬來甘榜是主戰場?

安華今早在詩巫馬來人的甘榜出席一項選民集會.這里是行動黨,人民公正黨和回教黨為民聯爭選票的地方. Anwar Ibrahim at a kampong meet the people session.
甘榜區內,國陣和行動黨的宣傳全面開打. obviously, kampong is a more important battle field, as can be seen by the posters put up by both parties.
馬來票,是民聯爭取的重要票源. Keadilan need to get more votes from the Malay, in order to win this election.

行動黨街頭演講 DAP's campaign on the street corner

Lim Kit Siang, speaking during the campaign. 民主行動黨元老林吉祥,昨晚在詩巫"蝴蝶公園"舉行的一項會見選民集會上發言之神態.
Anwar Ibrahim attracted many pressman during his appearance in Sibu's Butterfly Garden. 國會反對黨領袖安華出席有關集會時,受到傳媒的熱烈採訪.
many turn up for the campaign. 街頭集會,吸引眾多人士.
free of charge, they came by themselves. 這些人是自己來的,並沒有受到邀請.