Friday, March 5, 2010

every 50 liters and 1 liter EXTRA每50公升,加多1公升

這樣講不是更好聽?買51公升,只收50公升的錢.講來講去,都只不過那個多出來的1公升而已.何必講的這麼辛苦?誰不知道羊毛出在羊身上?問題是,油沒有多出來,又怎麼會多出1公升呢?哪,何不索性改良汽油,將品質再提高,油不起價,品質一直提升?算了,說來說去,都是為了那1公升的油,浪費我的口水.... no matter how you explain, that will be: buy 50 liters, get EXTRA 1 liter. no? then what? after all, it will be a SAVE of 1 what way, how do you save? you can go EXTRA miles lohhh.... if 1 liter can go for 30km, then, you will go further 30 km. this explanation will be best? isn't it? that means, the QUALITY of the oil is improved. other wise, how do you go the EXTRA miles???
一間油站工人"跳起來",歡慶這項改善品質的汽油. staffs of a petrol station celebrating the 1 liter save.

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  1. Nothing to be happy about...1 litre may just help to start the engine and let the tires run a little!!

    We have been short changed by the powers that be.....

    Let's get ready our HORSE