Sunday, March 7, 2010

dangerous or illegal?危險或不合法?

在詩巫的烏也路,由實蘭溝到巴塞祥一帶,經常在傍晚時刻,載著木桐的羅厘車才開始工作.這些車上載滿了木桐,很是危險.尾隨這些大型車輛,最好就是快快越過他們,以免分分鐘出狀況. before night fall, these big trucks, with as many timber logs as they could, driving along the stretch from Selangau to Pasai Siong road. due to the dangerous situation, passers-by would drive as fast as they could to over take the trucks.
偶而會出現執法人員展開檢查.不久後,這些車陣繼續行程.朝著巴塞祥路到德古路一帶. now and then, enforcement officers will check these trucks, and then they continue their journey as usual.

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