Monday, March 1, 2010

bicycles and accordion腳車與手風琴

President of Methodist SCAC, Rev. Datuk Dr. Su, riding a bicycle, follow by pastors and lay leaders in Kwong Hua, Sg. Bidut, yesterday. a rare scene, but meaningful.砂拉越衛理公會會長,拿督蘇慈安博士與其他牧師,會友領袖,騎著腳踏車出發.
Ho playing his accordion, which he played for so many years, during the opening ceremony of Methodist Heritage Gallery. Ho is from Tien Tao Methodist Church of Sungai Merah. since his younger age, he has been playing this accordion, until today, and many years to come....( I realize I should have interview him for this very rare "hobby" of his) 在昨天的衛理公會文物展覽館啟用禮拜上,何俊悅玩著他的手風琴.他的這項愛好已持續好多年了,讓我記起,是時候給他寫一篇專訪的時候了.
frankly, this is my best shot yesterday, Meng Leh looking into the mirror, while my childhood friend, Rev. Alopen Lau smiling beside him. and my cousin looking at them, as reflected in the mirror. 黃孟禮看著鏡子弄頭髮,劉會達牧師在旁邊笑,表弟則看著他們兩個.這張應該是我昨天拍的最滿意相片了.


  1. Very interesting photos...the accordian is one of the best portable musical instruments in the world...and it always inject a lot of enthusiasm in feel like kicking your shoes away and start dancing!!

    Syabas to Mr. long article about him please....

    By the way olden days teachers must learn to play this instrument if they wish to teach music in school...hence many Chinese can play this instrument in the 40's and 50's and those who can play it could get the prettiest ladies as wife...(according to an uncle...SMILE)

  2. Sg. Sadit???Sg. Bidut is opposite Sibu.

  3. Sg Sadit is a little bit further south of Sg Bidut, they are both regard as the west bank of Sibu.

  4. 各位,政府給那條路的英文名是Sg. Maaw,小弟是巴剎人,不是山芭人,而且也是"報導人"(reporter),我們只憑表面報導,其他一概不知...sorry.
    by the way, CY, this morning I contact Ho Choon York about my intention, unfortunately, he apologize for no interview, which he explain the reasons. so...sadly, I have to accept the fact. luckily, my pastor friend Alopen Lau gave me another person, who is a retired teacher, may be he can talk something on this subjeci: accordion. what is you people's suggestion?

  5. 我建議每個月舉行一次這樣的歷史性儀式