Wednesday, March 31, 2010

被遺棄的屋子 an abandon house

這座屋子,是詩巫"典型"的標誌.詩巫,除了新福州,另一個重要的代名詞是"地陷".由于處在沼澤地,建造的屋子,如果不明就理,或是偷工減料,結局都一樣---面對下沉的窘境.早年建造的屋子可能不偷工,但肯定不明就理.結果屋子下沉了,危樓不能住,只好搬走.詩巫大概有數十間這樣的屋子,歪歪斜斜的,又下沉,居住不安全,隨時有倒塌的危險.最後,是樹木長大到遮天,屋子快要看不見了.這個"景點"是在中華路菜市場旁邊.下次,外地遊人來到詩巫,如果要看又不懂路,可以聯絡安排"導遊"...this is an abandon house, in the middle of Sibu town. due to sinking, the house was abandoned long long time ago. now, the small trees are higher than the house. it is a scene of Sibu, anybody interested to see it for yourself, guide is ever ready.

蓮花--紀念一位朋友 Lotus--to remember a lost friend

last week, after attending a farewell "party" for a friend who has just "gone with the wind" to the heaven. I pass by, and saw by the road side, this single but pretty lotus. as you know, I love taking photo, and at that moment, still sad and emotional, I feel like taking this photo to remember the lost friend. 上星期,在參加了送別一位朋友的"爬地"後,當她返回西天時,我見到路旁水溝里的這朵蓮花,特地將它拍下,以紀念這位離去的朋友.一個星期了,我才準備好要將這張圖貼上.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

詩巫電台DJ張美鳳 DJ of SibuFM Teo

we met in April 25, 2009, in Mukah, during the KAUL festival, when she was in charge of the Chinese programme of SibuFM live. she invited me for an interview, but I declined, instead, I requested Chiew Nip Sing to be interviewed. Philip Hii and Kevin Hii are there, and so is Bengbeng. this was our first encounter, and I got to know her from there. 2009年4月25日,至今差不多一年了,那是我第一次遇到美鳳.當時我們都是在沐膠參與祭海節,她在沙灘上主持現場直播,而我們則是在那兒拍照.Philip,增仁,Bengbeng和老周都在場.她在沙灘上遇見我時,邀請我上直播,但是由于"害羞",又是同業,我介紹周日成取代.
DJ Teo Mee Hong gave Ah Chiew a present for the interview.
(Miss Teo met with a self accident last Wednesday, March 17, and was in coma for 8 days, before she passed away today, March 24, in the morning.)
完成訪問後,她還贈送了一份禮物給阿周. 現在憶起這件事,真是往事只能回味了.

Monday, March 22, 2010

let's the games begin 好戲上演了.....

馬華公會改選 election in MCA

1 蔡细历
2 黄家定
3 翁诗杰
1 江作汉
2 廖中莱
1 丘克海
2 曹智雄
3 黄燕燕
4 叶炳汉
5 颜炳寿
6 姚长禄
7 黄祥辉
8 林祥才
9 姚再添
10 陆垠佑
1 周丽玉
2 罗秋俊
3 黄福安
4 陈锦
5 陈永生
6 王再兴
7 古乃光
8 王孙文
9 林平国
10 陈进明
11 马国鸣
12 卢诚国
13 陈清凉
14 黄国强
15 郑旭宏
16 颜天禄
17 汤华昌
18 张日洲
19 曾振铨
20 苏添福
21 陈匡维
22 何国忠
23 沈永平
24 沈清玉
25 颜丰守
26 陈章成
27 梁小琴
28 李志亮
29 杨志伟
30 郑贝川
31 江雪霞
32 黄日升
33 林岑
34 黄秀金
35 吴心一
36 余金福
37 黄祚信
38 蔡寶镪
39 许振南
40 何启文
41 杨振良
42 王赛芝
43 王鍾璇
44 黄世忠
45 曾沛銖
46 李学超
47 陈協成
48 李煌治
49 江承俊
50 李万行
51 叶志强
52 何遠平
53 郑懿铭
54 陈柏铨
55 郑敬賲
56 汤木
57 黄冠文
58 郑修强
59 洪正贤
60 杜振耀
61 钟明甫
62 曾亚英
63 郑联科
64 何章兴
65 叶理国
66 罗桂平
67 林德昌
68 何有明
69 陈财和
70 傅子初
71 赖日辉
72 李官仁
73 李伟杰
74 黄家泉
75 廖润强
76 许金汉
77 辜喜存
78 邓诗汉
79 刘锦明
80 黄智伟
81 徐先权
82 姚伟豪
83 刘一端
84 彭子明
85 李占春
86 林国河

Friday, March 19, 2010

稻田里的饗宴 a feast in the field

you will really enjoy a meal right from the field. not to mention the rice just cut from the padi field nearby, at Sungai Kabah, Kanowit, of the Rajang River. in the picture are none other than our well known journalist of the Star, Philip Hii, and a friend Kan Kwang Yew, both from Sibu town. 能夠享受一頓上好佳餚,尤其是在稻田里,確實是一件非常特別和難忘的經歷.兩名城市來的訪客是"星報"記者許保德和友人曾光耀.看他們吃得那麼開心,真令人妒忌.
farmers of a nearby long house enjoy their meals, after half a day of hard work. and these visitors are invited to join in the meal. 加拿逸附近地區,順溪卡巴的長屋居民,在稻田里完成了半天的工作,暫時休息和午飯,並邀請訪客一起享受一頓稻田里的佳餚.
Cook in the field. she is cooking tapioca leaves with meat, very tasty soup, especially when you are hungry. 稻田里的廚師,以木薯業做為配料,正在煮一鍋好湯.未吃先流口水.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rajang River Regatta 拉讓江龍舟捷艇賽

詩巫舉辦水上盛會,有划船,也有捷艇比賽. 準備出發划船了. the Rajang River Regatta, including rowing of tradtitional long boats, and power boats. ready for the action.
crowded at the water front. 詩巫城市廣場外的河邊,擠滿了人.
傳統的肯雅蘭龍舟賽. traditional Kanyalang boat race.
power boats in action. 第二天的比賽,是以捷艇為主軸.
go, go, go, the boats in the action. 開始了,向前沖.
so many boats, fighting for champion in the water.整個江面擠滿了比賽的捷艇.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

gear up for Rajang River Regatta 拉讓江龍舟賽熱身

拉讓江龍舟賽於本週末就要掀開熱潮.陸上節慶卻已正式開展. the Rajang River Regatta begins this week end. but the land carnival has already started.
希望訓練時的認真態度,會持續到正式比賽時,而不是做做讓人拍照而已. hard training should not be just for the photographers, make sure the spirit should be continued in the game itself.
努力點吧,兄弟們....推動詩巫旅遊業,你們也扮演著重要角色. promoting tourism in Rajang River, depend very much on you brothers up there rowing the boats.
"摩天輪"轉動時的"動感"....... the effect of long exposure technique, resulting in this picture.
這也不是銀行系或外太空,是merry go round....
荷蘭帆船搖呀搖,坐船的人昏頭轉向,不好玩... this is Holland Boat swinging.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

積極施工 work in progress

寒舍建築工程持續施工,進展還順暢.不趕工,估計要在今年9月間入伙. construction work of this small house progress smoothly. expected to move in, in September this year.
由另一個角落的景觀. another view of the house.

road re-construction---half hearted 半顆心修建道路

can you believe it? they actually just intend to re-construct half of the road. and when they said, the re-construction is finished, they mean it. one side higher than the other. lack of fund is the excuse given. so...... 對於敦阿末再迪路的人修建,令人感到怪怪的.....怎麼只有修建一半而已?錢不夠用?据說這是市議會所給的理由,所以,修建是結束了,卻只建了半條路.
沒有修建的這一邊,也是很常浸水,路面情況也是糟透了.沒有理由只修建半邊路吧?未免太好笑了.... look at this side of the road, often flooded, and in poor condition. and yet, they said, no money to re-construct. what a joke???? this is Tun Admad Zaidi road.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

參加美里攝影學會新春團拜 taking part in a Chinese New Year celebration in Miri

over ten members of Photographic Society of Sibu, took part in a Chinese New Year celebration, organized by Miri Photographic Society, last night, at the "Tong Lin Country Club".逾十名詩巫攝影學會會員,趁著赴婆羅洲熱帶雨林渡假村參加一項攝影比賽之便,昨晚出席參與了美里攝影學會的新春團拜活動.
our advisor, Soon Lee Guan (ARPS)(left), being the founding President of MPS, was given a memento. at right is MPS President T C Siew.詩巫攝影學會顧問,也是美里攝影學會創會會長孫麗源(左),獲贈一份紀念品.右為美里攝影學會會長蕭特財.
PSS Vice President, Steve Ling(middle), received a souvenir on behalf of the Society.詩巫攝影學會副會長林禮長(中),代表領取一面錦旗.

dangerous or illegal?危險或不合法?

在詩巫的烏也路,由實蘭溝到巴塞祥一帶,經常在傍晚時刻,載著木桐的羅厘車才開始工作.這些車上載滿了木桐,很是危險.尾隨這些大型車輛,最好就是快快越過他們,以免分分鐘出狀況. before night fall, these big trucks, with as many timber logs as they could, driving along the stretch from Selangau to Pasai Siong road. due to the dangerous situation, passers-by would drive as fast as they could to over take the trucks.
偶而會出現執法人員展開檢查.不久後,這些車陣繼續行程.朝著巴塞祥路到德古路一帶. now and then, enforcement officers will check these trucks, and then they continue their journey as usual.

Friday, March 5, 2010

every 50 liters and 1 liter EXTRA每50公升,加多1公升

這樣講不是更好聽?買51公升,只收50公升的錢.講來講去,都只不過那個多出來的1公升而已.何必講的這麼辛苦?誰不知道羊毛出在羊身上?問題是,油沒有多出來,又怎麼會多出1公升呢?哪,何不索性改良汽油,將品質再提高,油不起價,品質一直提升?算了,說來說去,都是為了那1公升的油,浪費我的口水.... no matter how you explain, that will be: buy 50 liters, get EXTRA 1 liter. no? then what? after all, it will be a SAVE of 1 what way, how do you save? you can go EXTRA miles lohhh.... if 1 liter can go for 30km, then, you will go further 30 km. this explanation will be best? isn't it? that means, the QUALITY of the oil is improved. other wise, how do you go the EXTRA miles???
一間油站工人"跳起來",歡慶這項改善品質的汽油. staffs of a petrol station celebrating the 1 liter save.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

STAR in town 星報來啦!

西馬最主要英文報,正在黨爭的馬華公會創辦的英文報--星報,已進軍砂拉越,下星期一開始,市面上將充斥這份最新的地方報紙. STAR is in Sarawak, and from coming Monday, March 8, they are going to be printed locally, and distributing through out Sarawak.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kolej Laila Taib萊拉泰益學院

砂拉越首席部長泰益瑪目,星期一為座落在詩巫舊機場跑道的砂拉越聯合學院重新命名為他的夫人,萊拉泰益學院.這項命名,也宣告了砂拉越聯合學院從此走入歷史.在拿名儀式上,也舉行了追思萊拉泰益和敘述她的一生經歷. Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud, declared open Kolej Laila Taib last Monday in Sibu. the renaming meant Sarawak United College is now only a name to be recorded in history. what a pity, or is it a relief?
這間學院,說是要在2012年升格為大學,不過是附屬於大學的學院University College. Kolej Laila Taib will be elevated to University College status by 2012.

Monday, March 1, 2010

bicycles and accordion腳車與手風琴

President of Methodist SCAC, Rev. Datuk Dr. Su, riding a bicycle, follow by pastors and lay leaders in Kwong Hua, Sg. Bidut, yesterday. a rare scene, but meaningful.砂拉越衛理公會會長,拿督蘇慈安博士與其他牧師,會友領袖,騎著腳踏車出發.
Ho playing his accordion, which he played for so many years, during the opening ceremony of Methodist Heritage Gallery. Ho is from Tien Tao Methodist Church of Sungai Merah. since his younger age, he has been playing this accordion, until today, and many years to come....( I realize I should have interview him for this very rare "hobby" of his) 在昨天的衛理公會文物展覽館啟用禮拜上,何俊悅玩著他的手風琴.他的這項愛好已持續好多年了,讓我記起,是時候給他寫一篇專訪的時候了.
frankly, this is my best shot yesterday, Meng Leh looking into the mirror, while my childhood friend, Rev. Alopen Lau smiling beside him. and my cousin looking at them, as reflected in the mirror. 黃孟禮看著鏡子弄頭髮,劉會達牧師在旁邊笑,表弟則看著他們兩個.這張應該是我昨天拍的最滿意相片了.