Monday, February 8, 2010

寒舍上樑topping up of my house

這些相片全部皆由詩巫著名專業攝影師梁慶嶸協助拍攝,要特別感謝他的拔刀相助,讓寒舍上樑日(2010年2月4日--立春日)得以紀錄成歷史.也是小弟的老朋友--劉會達牧師主持了上樑儀式,進行了簡單的祈福禮拜. these photographs are all taken by professional photographer Liong Khing Ying. with his help, this topping up of my house, which was held last Thursday (4th February, 2010), was recorded in history. my childhood friend, Rev. Alopen Lau was at hand to lead a prayer for the blessing of the house.
老朋友齊聚,參與了這項小活動,感激不盡.雖然一些朋友沒有邀請,相信他們理解,這不是華廈,只是找來一些朋友揍熱鬧,大家樂一樂. although not all friends are being invited, I hope they understand that, this is only a small house, just for a ordinary occasion of celebration.
"以馬內利",是基督教徒常引用的詞句,意思是上帝與你同在.將這個句子做為上樑的用詞. the word "Emmanuel" was put up, as Christian way of topping up for their buildings. the meaning of this word is: God be with you.
25令吉買來了一包3千頭鞭炮,在上樑時點燃,應該不會抓我吧? this three thousand rounds fire cracker was for the occasion.
來,來,來,小意思,做做好意頭,請不要介意. red packets were just to say "thank you" in a small way.
粉干蛋是福州人慶祝時的必備食品.既然大家都來了,怎樣都要想辦法弄來一人一碗. Foochow celebrate practically any thing with the noodle and egg. though this noodle is different from others.
一大碗粉干蛋,雖然沒有其他菜餚,希望大家都夠吃,夠飽. only a bowl of the noodle and egg, nothing else.
friends and relatives were busy eating their bowl of noodle, forgotten their weight control.


  1. Steve hope I can have a bowl of hoong ngan long when I come to delicious looking...

    Congratulations again..

  2. Steve,

    It's our pleasure to be your photographer~~

    And thanks for spending us eating "Hung Ngan Long"'s big and more than enough for us ~

  3. 缺席者杨善,送上祝福,祝新居上粱大吉大利。

  4. terima kasih munyak, many many thanks to you people out there. my friends in Kuching, thank you....

  5. correction..
    It's "Terima Kasih Banyak".