Sunday, February 7, 2010

大伯公返天庭Toa Pek Kong back to Heaven

last night, it was the time for the devotees to cleanse the body of Toa Pek Kong, and many other deities, so that they would go back to Heaven--on leave. some one must be acting as "care taking" for the temple while the gods are away. 昨晚,詩巫大伯公廟為大伯公金身進行清潔,以便大伯公和諸神於今日凌晨返回天庭.在大伯公離開廟宇的這些天,廟中無神,應該有誰負起看管眾生的責任吧?甲必丹劉華新,孫春貴(左)在清洗大伯公金身.

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