Thursday, February 11, 2010

分享佳節 spreading festive mood

with a few friends, each donated something to the Methodist Children Home, just to share the Chinese New Year mood with the children, and their guardians. Swan Photo, Tango Photo, an electrical shop beside Swan Photo, personals all play their part. Bowison Hii present the Mandarin oranges to the Principal of the home, Madam Tie.大家扮演各自的角色,在佳節時刻,對衛理福兒院院生表達一點關心和心意,贈一些物品.白天鵝專業攝影,天鵝專業攝影,以及一間電器行,和個別人士,由許志壽代表,移交紅柑於院長池玲玲.在場者尚有,右起黃孟禮,林禮長,副院長楊啟好,林文發叔公,曾光耀,以及來自古晉的"阿福".Steve Ling present an ang pow on behalf of his wife. 本人代表太太贈上一個紅包表表心.


  1. xin nian kuai le... gong xi fa cai and happy valentine's day :)

  2. wuah u so busy :) spreading love

  3. everybody out there, I can only wish you people GOOD, GOOD....