Wednesday, February 10, 2010

on top of Lebaan bridge站在羅馬安橋頂

Lebaan bridge is 98.66% completed, as of 25th January, 2010. it is expected to complete at the end of March this year, that is, less than two months from now, which is most unlikely. the workers there said that, middle of this year will be a fair prediction. this bridge is 1240 meters long, or 1.24km, quick long, as compare to other bridges in Sarawak. this is a two lanes bridge, with each lane 3.5 meters wide. the other side of the bridge is under Sarikei Division. 羅馬安橋已完成98.66%,預計可於三月尾完成,不過建橋工人認為,六月完成是最客觀的估計.橋身長1240米,或1.24公里,可以說是我們這里最長的橋了.這座橋只有兩條車道,各為3.5公尺寬.橋的另一邊是泗里奎省.
終於站在羅馬安橋頂了,吹著陣陣涼風---真爽..... be it Lo'baan bridge or Lebaan bridge, I stood on top of the bridge this afternoon, around 5pm. a little bit windy, but you feel real great.
一艘貨輪在橋底經過.a cargo vessel crossing underneath the bridge.
橋的一邊是最後接上,以便阻止人們貿貿然爬上橋.雖然仍然不能阻止一些"入侵者". one side of the bridge is yet to be connected, in order to prevent the unwelcome "intruders".
橋上望向底下的工地和辦公室.site office of the contractor.
這是羅馬安河下游的長屋,就在橋邊不遠處. on the lower stream of Lebaan river, is this long house very near to the bridge.
站在橋的最高點. on the highest point of the bridge.
橋的另一端在最後施工. the other side of the bridge.
河面的工作進行中. works continue on the river.
這是處在上游的巴彎阿 山長屋. these are Bawang Assan long houses, on the up stream of the bridge.
工人在防震接頭處觀望. worker looking at the point, where earth quake prevention point will be installed.
一天工作又完成,雖然總算將橋接上,不過,橋攔和善後工作仍須三幾個月時間.工人圍在一起準備晚餐. although the bridge has been connected, reel and other minor works still takes a few months to finish.
羅馬安橋,它的完成,將大大改變砂拉越中區的面貌和人民生活環境.Lebaan brigde, the people of the central region of Sarawak looks forward for your completion, and change the landscape and lives of many who live here.


  1. Ready in June? How long will it take to go to Sarikei from the bridge?

    Give us a new map....


  2. it is very near to Bintangor and Sarikei, how near, yet to find out. but, the trip from Sibu to Tanjung Manis takes less than an hour, so, naturally, will take shorter to reach that two places. the only thing, this road is on the other side of Rajang River, need to use car ferry.

  3. that bridge forms sibu-tj manis link and it bypasses sarikei and bintangor. hopefully the government won't neglect the 2 small towns.

  4. Distance from Sibu To Tg. Manis is about 88 kilometer only.

    "Sibu Tetap Boleh"

  5. can u update the new news about this bridge because this is about my thesis project. hope u can help me...TY