Sunday, February 7, 2010

offering of alms to monks 和尚,尼姑托缽化緣

這是一項常年活動,來自多個亞洲國家的和尚和尼姑,在佛教靜覺林的安排下,昨晨在詩巫展開了這項托缽化緣,沿途受到眾多善信的施予. Buddhist monks were in Sibu, in an offering of alms procession this morning.
和尚,尼姑,也同時被稱為比丘,比丘尼.他們是出家人,沒有自身的經濟收入,完全靠善男信女的捐贈施予.金錢對他們沒有用,托缽化緣是他們為生存所做的事.雖然是一項很簡單的行程,卻讓人領悟到出家人的生活面貌,與許多人是不一樣的.他們也沒有獨自出外尋求任何援助,包括捐錢,售賣物品. Monks are people who left their home and everything "earthly" behind, devoted themselves of a purified living. and so, they depend on believers offering for their daily need, basically food. they don't usually go out and ask for anything, that is not their practice, and are totally different from those who do this.

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