Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Methodist Heritage Gallery 衛理文物展覽館

this gallery is situated at "three stream village", near the re-constructed Cing Ang Tong Methodist Church. the building is actually the old church of Cing Ang Tong. Methodist Heritage Committee has decided to turn the building into "Methodist Heritage Gallery". 坐落在詩巫西岸三河村的衛理文物展覽館,是一間由舊教堂改建的文物館.它就在現有真安堂的背後,附近是光華小學.由陸路,經過伊干河大橋,大約距離市中心15公里路程,幾乎走到沿河大道的尾端.
it has three doors, and three towers, which are signified as the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 教堂的門口有三個,頂上有三個塔,都象徵著"聖父,聖子,聖靈"的含意.
although renovated, the building original design and fashion has been retained, as seen from the exterior, with its typical windows style. 很古老,很別緻的建築,保留著古老的特色和結構.窗門讓人憶起過去所走過的時日.
entrance to the gallery. 衛理文物展覽館的入口大門.
the history of Sarawak Methodist Church, are all displayed on the wall. 砂拉越衛理公會的歷史,全部在牆壁上可以一目了然的看得一清二楚.
the first session of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference was held in 1968, forty two years has since passed. 第一屆砂拉越華人年議會會議,是於1968年召開.
a very special design of the church building, with colour glasses above the door. 設計獨特的教堂,入口的門,柵和頂上的色彩玻璃等,都是仿古保留下來.
interior of the building. quite empty at the moment, but expected to be very different by coming Sunday, when a prayer ceremony will be held to commemorate the opening of the gallery. 文物館內雖然目前仍然沒有多少收藏品.不過,相信在本星期天上午開幕時,將會很不一樣. 屆時砂拉越華人年議會會長拿督蘇慈安牧師將將這間文物館主持開幕禮拜.


  1. Lovely to see the most recent development....

  2. a very laudable way of preserving a building, it's history, history of methodist in sarawak and culture. Hopefully all the churches here in sarawak can be restored and preserved.

  3. let's all work together, to preserve our history.