Saturday, February 27, 2010

「康馬揚」能發展成為衛星鎮嗎? Kemuyang: another satellite town?

一場雨,通向康馬揚住宅區的這段路,就輕易的沉浸在潮水中.這里,住著十多戶人家,通路,就是這樣的--石頭路.這里後山,是詩巫的垃圾場,倒垃圾的地方.路的後段,有十多戶排屋居民和幾戶半獨立屋子.居民只有十多戶的數十人而已.這種情況,已有好久了.在垃圾場發展衛星鎮,怪怪的,是誰想出的鬼主義?沒有一點城市規劃,隨隨便便說了算.....talking about developing Kemuyang area into a satellite town, hmmmm, sound like as simple as "singing". at the back of this gravel road, is the rubbish dumping site of Sibu. the road itself is easily getting flooded after big rain. about a handful of houses were built many years back. nothing going on all this while. suddenly, there is a saying, that this place is to be developed into another satellite town of Sibu. can you truly believe it? may be, but not in the near future. may be, say, fifty years ahead. sound like it......
康馬揚發展區的大招牌,已呈現破破爛爛樣貌,真能發展下去,還真有一點勇氣. an old signboard belong to the developer of this place, Kemuyang Land Realty, tells the story of a out-dated dream. where is the satellite? we can only see flooding road and grass.
這樣的石頭路,不知何時才有希望改善.更不必提要做衛星鎮了.連一點小事都做不出.!! and so, gravel road in this condition, you can imagine, what type of development it can be.
黃傳寬機構十餘年開發的商店和住宅區,也處在這個地區.商店至今仍沒有多少人開業.好長遠的發展道路哦.......WTK has been developing the area nearby, until now, the shops are mostly vacant.
黃傳寬機構住宅區,住著數十戶人家.雖然規模是在壯大之中,也已這麼久了,還是這個樣子. WTK estate is a bit better than Kemuyang Realty's development. some people is staying in these houses.
這個地區還有一個政府青年訓練中心.設備是有,用處倒不大,沒有幾次有人在用.再過一陣子,恐怕又要改建了. a youth training centre is round the corner, but not fully utilised.
住宅區的發展情況,給人的印象是"一座死城".屋子看似在建造,卻又好像沒有一點工場的氣氛.甚麼都沒有,怎建屋子.停工又不像,就是沒有進展. these houses look like going to be abundant.

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