Sunday, February 28, 2010

history re-make 重演歷史

Datuk Dr. Su, President of Chinese Methodist Church in Sarawak, cycled to old Cing Ang Tong Methodist Church, in a very symbolic way. it tells the story of how church pastors in the past, moving around to visit their church members. now, this church is turned into a Heritage Gallery for the Methodist Church in Sarawak. 砂拉越衛理公會華人年議會會長蘇慈安博士,踏著腳車前往真安堂.這是從前,過去,歷史中曾經上演過的生活一部份.當年,在鄉下的教會牧者,都是如此踏著腳車,前往教堂或拜訪會友.當時鄉下也只能使用這種交通工具.沒有正式的路,只有羊腸小徑,又沒有電單車,腳車,實際上是最方便的交通工具.
鄉下地方骯髒,來到教堂,為表示對做禮拜的重視,先在門口將腳洗一洗,才進入教堂做禮拜. before entering the church building, wash your dirty legs was what has been done in the old days. a totally different environment then....
做禮拜時,牧師先搖起鐘,通知附近和鄉下人家,要做禮拜了. pastors used to ring the church bells, calling for Christians to worship their God.
進入教堂時.為免不敬,先照照鏡子,梳一下頭髮.大鏡子最好用,看得清楚. a mirror was installed at the entrance of the church, for the convenient of all, make sure they are neat and clean, as a respect to their religion, before they enter.
這便是衛理教會全馬來西亞第一間,以舊教堂來改建為文物展覽館.它是1945年建成的真安堂原有教堂改建而成.今天早上,在光華地區舉行了啟用禮. and so, the Heritage Gallery is ready, and was declared open this morning in Kwong Hua area, Sungai Maaw, at the opposite bank of Sibu.
參加和見證這歷史一刻的各人,拍張歷史性的照片做紀錄.全國衛理公會文物和遺產委員會成員亦出席見證了這歷史性的日子. most of those who took part in this historical event, was photographed into history.
各人在細細查看留存下來的古早教會和地方文物,回味往昔的時光. looking at old items, finding something familiar?


  1. church and museum/gallery?? nice!!!

  2. Hi

    Wonderful pictures. I wish I could be there...What a historical moment...Rev and Mrs. Hoover would be so proud of SCAC.

    I think Sg. Sadit may be more accurate. Sg. Maaw is the other side of the Rajang River below Chung Cheng where my maternal grand parents came from. Do correct me if I am wrong.

    God bless.

  3. Do you have more the photos of Dr. Su on bicycle? And also the accordion player? Very rare now.