Thursday, February 18, 2010

過年兩件事:拜年,接受拜年 CNY: to visit or be visited

neighbour children come visiting, Malay young girls, good models of neighbourhood-ness.鄰居小孩前來拜年,馬來人家庭,她們是促進睦鄰的好榜様.

visiting old friend, Simon Sim and his teacher wife, Madam Huong, and their son.向老朋友沈細熙和他的太太,方老師及孩子拜年.
Victor and Emily's school mates, the two children of our old neighbour Ho Chui Hong, came visiting them. Yong Seng at right, will be a PhD holder pretty soon. 义威和林艷的同學,老鄰居何水蘭的兩名孩子,詠勝和詠薇(右2)前來拜年.詠勝(右)即將成為本地少有的哲學博士.
Mee Kiong's colleagues, two sisters, came visiting.紫薇和永薇向美娟拜年,難得拍到她們在一起的生活照.
visitors to Chinese Methodist Message Chief Editor, Wong Meng Leh's house, sitting on the floor, they have a photo with old oil lamps. 衛理報總編輯黃孟禮(坐者右3)受到朋友賀年,坐在地板拍照.前面是他的戰利品,舊油燈和風燈.
at the home of 4th Uncle, and Aunty. 向四叔光熙和四嬸拜年.
visiting Chief Editor of See Hua Daily News (Kuching Edition), Lai Kah Ying (2nd right). from right are Miss Kung and Chief Editor of United Daily News (Sibu Edition), Chua Eng Gee.詩華日報古晉主編黎嘉言(右2)接受同業拜年.右起是孔國美,聯合日報詩巫主編蔡永琦等人.
Mr. & Mrs. Tang Eng Chan(1st & 2nd left), manager of FOLLOW ME Sibu office, welcome his guests. FOLLOW ME詩巫區經理陳永昌和太太陳雁伶(左兩人)接待朋友賀年.
old friend Yong Ing Lang and her husband(at right) treating their guests to roast chicken.前報業同事楊仁蘭和老公(右兩人),與賀年朋友留影.
one of Sarawak famous writer Young Son (centre), treating his guests with Chinese tea.砂拉越著名作家楊善(中)以中國茶接待訪客.背後是7隻魚,表示(天天有餘).
Brother Paul and sister in law, and nephew visiting us. 二哥二嫂及侄兒,侄媳來訪.
Kang Kwang Yew(left), very helpful friend, can do a lot of hard work, and his son and daughter in law came visiting.曾光耀和孩子及媳婦來訪.


  1. Very precious and meaningful visits!!

    Can see so much real respect in every photo!!

  2. 長叔,新年快樂~

  3. You wrote Madam Huong. Is (Was) she a mathematics teacher?

  4. sorry, I did not come back for so many days. Mdm Huong is a teacher with St. Elizabeth. she is from Marudi. do you know her?

  5. 阿正,很高興聽到你的一點點聲音.雖然好久好久不見了,去了多次古晉也沒有與你們見面.我答應,下一回去古晉,肯定找你們喝茶,吃飯.叫素平不要躲起來.回來詩巫也沒有來拜年.Happy New Year....

  6. I see. That is a different Mdm Huong. Thank you