Sunday, February 7, 2010

農曆新年Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is near the corner, every where in Sibu, you can see red lanterns hanging high up, Mandarin oranges are plentiful. 大伯公廟旁掛滿燈籠,象徵華人農曆新年的佳節氣氛越來越濃厚了.新年來臨,人人心情都極佳.雖然家庭主婦為了清理家中事務而忙得冒火,希望過個快樂年仍是大家最大的心願和目的.
白天鵝照相館生意火辣,應接不暇.美女心情佳. Swan Photo is having a good business, pretty girl in charge at the counter.
this lady at Jalan Pedada Sunday Market, choosing a big chicken, may be for the new year, may be for the day. 阿嬸,買隻大肥雞過年嗎?還是今天就要煮了.....
紅柑一定要買. Mandarin oranges are the most important food items for the Chinese New Year.
goodies are bought, waiting for friends and relatives to come.
pineapples are sign of "prosperous", buy some, make sure that you'll at least be on the road to a better time ahead. 黃梨---旺來.難怪會出現黃梨燈籠了,原來是華文字在做怪.
candies, tit-bit, food of all sorts are on sell.零食一大堆,任挑任選.
what you want, just get it. after all, only once a year. 一年只過一次年,不買還待何時?


  1. wow so happening there... gong xi fa cai =p hong bao na lai... xie xie :)

  2. Nice photos....Looking at them I already feel I have been home!! Thanks. This is not in Sibu or Kuching.
    Happy New Year...have lots to eat..and enjoy the holidays...

  3. it is always sweet to celebrated Chinese New Year, our culture, we should treasure it, not forgetting who we are....